Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pushing yourself

I just finished my first time of level 2 of the 30 day shred and all I can say is OH MY GOD I WANT TO DIE! I can't believe there are people out there that do this every single day, crazy peopel!

I was unsure whether to start level 2 or continue a bit further with level 1. But as a forum friend pointed out, it is important to push your body. It was almost like hearing Jillian herself, and of course she was right! However, right now I can't imagine doing level 2 one more time, but hopefully the feeling will pass by Thursday, when I've planned my next level 2 date.

Like I said, I had my doubts about this, as I still think level 1 is hard enough. But still, I did manage to complete the whole thing (with a couple of small breaks), and I am very proud of myself right now! :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting back on the horse

Last time I blogged, I was heading for Jordan. Now I'm back, but after one week of vacation, followed by one week of a really bad tummy bug, followed by Easter with lots of candy and parties and good food - well, let's just say my motivation is NOT back! And of course the fact that I've gained weight doesn't help much, either.

Nature based stock photography

I think it is unfair that it takes so much more effort to get in shape than it does to "fall out of shape" again. I've been SO good most of this year, but a couple of weeks of bad choices has wreaked havoc on my blood sugar levels. My motivation has gone down the drain and it feels like I'm trapped in a maelstrom of bad choices. Up until recently, I hadn't been eating candy this year, and was finally able to say no to sweets that were right in front of me -  a feat that I've never been able to do before. But now, I'm back to mindlessly binging on sweets and comfort food.

Before going on vacation, I had spent a lot out time working out, and was on day 7 of level 1 of The 30 day shred. When I started up again last Tuesday, a mere two weeks after the last time I'd worked out, I could barely complete it. My whole body felt like lead, and I had to take lots of breaks. I just hate that two weeks of vacation destroyes months of good work! Yes, I know it's not really like that, and it will get easier soon. But right now I can't motivate myself to work out, because it just feels like there's no point, I'll never get in shape.

I guess that is the most scarey thing about these relapses - how they tear down your motivation. Somehow, once you've started down that slippery path of "I'll just try one tiny little one", you're flooded with thoughts like "I've ruined it all" and "I can never loose weigtht" and "now that I've eaten one I might as well eat the whole package".  Those are the real culprits, not the slip-ups themselves.

I just wonder why it is so much easier to start eating crap than it is to start eating healthy! Is it because we're more used to eating crap than to eating healthy and it's hard to break the habit? Is it because our bodies are wired to store fat and not shred it? What can I do to make it easier in the future? Is there any way to do it without willpower, because my willpower is dead and buried at the moment.

Well, even though it's hard, I refuse to give up! So I've come up with an action plan to get me back on track:

1) Weight loss/sweet tooth hypnosis
When I started my weight loss journey in January, I also listened to a sweet tooth hypnosis mp3. I don't know if that did the trick, or if it was my motivation, but up until recently I've been handling sweets and craving better than ever before in my entire life. So I kind of believe it's at least partially effective. So I've ordered a few more hypnosis tracks on weight loss and hope that they will jump start my motivation.

2) Keeping a food journal
I know that when I log everything I eat, it's easier to say no to the worst temptations. When I mindlessly gulp down everything in sight, I mentally discount the calories (or sometimes I just don't care). When I log everything, I'm forced to see the consequences of my actions, and that keeps me more in check.

3) Adapting the plan to fit me NOW
I was following a plan that worked before going on vacation, but right now my needs are different. Because I have been used to eating more, I am more hungry early in the day. When I try to stay on plan, I end up with cravings and binge eating. So now I'm moving up my evening meal (which I don't really need, I'm usually not hungry after dinner) and I'll have it when I'm actually hungry, when I'm at work. That should be better for my energy levels, too, and perhaps for my sleep as well, as my stomach won't be busy digesting food all night.

4) Work-out challenges
I've somehow got to get used to working out again. I've joined a 30 day shred challenge on a local forum, and hope that will help me get back on track. I've also joined a national challenge called "ride your bike to work", where you're part of a team and can win prizes for being more active. I'm hoping that having others relying on me will help me get off the couch.

5) Work on my thoughts
I know that the core to the problems lie in my brain, not my body. So I'll be using the Beck diet solution to help train my mind to work with me, rather than against me. I started this a while back, but somehow forgot about it. So now it's time to dust of the covers and give it another go!

6) Healthy snacks
 I have to break my bad snacking habits. And as we all know, it's easier to toss out a habit if you replace it with something new. So I'll buy tons of fruit and vegetables - sugar peas and physalis are my favorites! That way I'll have something healthy to eat when my cravings kick in.

These are all easy changes that I should be able to implement without much trouble. Hopefully they'll help me get back on track.