Monday, August 8, 2011

I made it! :)

I managed to have a calorie deficit of 5000 cals, in fact I did even better - I ate 5630 calories less than I needed!

AND the weight went down, - 0,9 kg! NOT BAD! :)

Yet, when I see the stats on my Tanita scale, things don't look quite as good:

Weight: 77,1 kg - down 0,9 :)
Body fat percentage: 38,9% up 0.9% :(
Body fat in kg: 29,9919 kg up 0.2 :(
Muscle mass in kg: 11,2615 down 0,27 :(
Water weight in kg: 33,5385 down almost 1 kg :(

Seems like all I've lost is muscle and water, and gained fat. :( That seems kind of strange, though, when I've been so good. 

I guess I can't really trust Tanita blindly, either. It changes too much from day to day, and these last results sound impossible considering that I have such a high calorie deficit. Oh, well, I'll just have to look at the results in the long run instead. I have been working out, both running and shredding. I am getting fitter and I am losing weight. Hopefully the fat percentage and the muscle percentage will reflect that soon enough. Patience, my dear, patience. (this is quote from one of my favorite shows when I was a child - the musical Rock 'n' roll wolf - I still love it to this day! :) Just too bad I'm not the most patient type. ;)


  1. Patience is hard! But good for you, thinking long term. The thing with scales, of any kind, is we can't control them and they often don't tell us what we'd expect them to day. One thing I learned from other bloggers is the wisdom of focusing instead on things I CAN control. You did that - you set a goal of a number of calories and you beat it! Kudos.

  2. BRAVO for looking at the big picture! So important- so hard to do! The scale does not always know the entire story. It does not know what time of the month it is. It does not know if you had a dinner the night before with sodium. It does not know what workouts you did that week. We give so much power to the scale- myself included. I am working really hard to take that power back!!!

  3. Being patient is SO hard! I always want the scale to reflect my efforts right away, but it just doesn't work that way. Keep up the great work!

  4. Good job! I wouldnt put too much thought into the tanita scale, they're known for being severely inaccurate! Go by the clohtes, how you feel, etc etc. You'll get there!!

  5. Thank you guys! I know I can't really trust the weight, but I really wish I could... :) In the end, though, I really, honestly don't care how much I weigh as long as I look good. Muscle weighs a lot, but I can't get enough of it (at least not now - if I ever get to the point of looking like a body builder I'll reconsider ;)