Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weight loss vs fat loss

I love, love, LOVE my new weight Tanita BC-532! :D

Right before I started this blog, I had reached a weight loss plateau (always fun - NOT!), and hadn't lost an ounce in well over a month. I was trying to console myself that my regular weight just 'remembered' my old weight (I'm quite sure it does that - no kidding!) or that I was gaining muscle or just plain bloated. But after weeks on end, trying everything I could think of to loose weight, my motivation was getting low and I was about ready to give up.

So I thought I needed some new sources of inspiration as the scales weren't doing it for me. I decided to buy a Tanita weight that shows fat percentage, muscle weight, water weight and so on. I figured this would give me no excuses, and if I was indeed not losing fat, I would know for certain and have no more excuses. I would just have to figure out what I was doing wrong.

About the same time I started counting calories again. I don't know if that did the trick or my body just finally gave up plateauing, but I started losing weight again around that time. But by then I was so obsessed with buying a Tanita weight (quite sure I couldn't live without one, as often happens when I want something), so I decided to go ahead and get one anyways.

It's been about a week, and as I've decided to weigh myself on Tanita only once a week, I haven't tried it that much yet. But I loved the first weigh in, I made sophisticated (for me!) Excel charts showing how much fat I would have to loose each week to reach my goal for the wedding, and showing differences from week to week along with every other tidbit I could get from it. To reach my minimum goal weight, I have to loose about 0.3 kg each week. I have to say I thought I'd get more leeway than that! Oh well, I WILL do it! :)

Anyways, yesterday I went out to dinner with my sister. When I got on the scale today, it claimed that I had gained 0.6 kg in just a day! (I weight myself daily on my regular weight). Well, deep inside I KNEW that it was impossible, after all it would have to mean my dinner har 4900 kalories! Hardly likely for a chicken wok! :P

But then, there were this little voice inside my that started worrying: What if the weight loss you've had the last week was wrong, what if this is your right weight? What if you haven't gotten past the plateau after all? What if you're actually gaining? What if, what if?

Tanita to the rescue! I skipped my "only once a week" rule and hopped on, only to find that my weight had indeed gone up. However, it was water weight from the salty foods, most likely. Because I had lost 0.3 kg of pure fat from last week! So then I could get rid of those nagging fears one and for all (or until the next time this happens, that is).

I hope Tanita will be a tool to help me stay motivated. I am determined to make it this time! I really feel motivated now that I'm finally losing again. I think I can do this, I WILL do this!

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