Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've started couch 2 5K!

Actually, I've done more than start, I've completed the first week! I am so proud of myself! :)

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Last week, I started out with the Cooper test. If you haven't heard about it, it's a simple test to gauge how fit you are. Run/walk as far as you can for 12 minutes, and compare your distance with this table (or a US/UK equivilant) to see how fit you are for your age. (EDIT: I didn't actually run the whole time, though I wish I was fit enough to do that. I ran as long as I could manage, then walked for a while, then ran a bit more. Hopefully C25K will make me fit enough to run the whole 12 minutes soon!)

I did this test back in January, when I started working out again. Unfortunately, because I used the treadmill at the gym back then, and our own treadmill this time, I can't actually compare the results with this time. Because apparently speed is different for each and every treadmill. :(

How annoying isn't it that treadmills don't run at the exact speed they say? That bugs me! So to see how much I've improved this last year, I have to go back to the gym and retake the test on the same machine. Of course, neither of these machines show the correct speed, so if I want to know exactly how far I run, I have to retake the test yet again outside, using a GPS and hoping that will be accurate. GAH!

Anyways, rant aside, I finished the test, and didn't do too well. I fell into the 'very bad' category, and I'm hoping and praying this is only because of my treadmill being faster than it says. My boyfriend and I agree that it seems to run a bit fast, so here's to hoping. The main thing, though, is that I now have a distance to compare to when I've completed the C25K program. That way I can see my improvements even more clearly.

After having finished the test, I think my brain shut down from exhaustion, because I got the brilliant idea to start the C25K program right there and then. Being totally exhausted from running the fastest I could, this was very hard. But I did manage to finish, somehow. (I can be VERY stubborn!)

The second time was easier, I was even able to squeeze in a level 3 of the shred afterwards! I finished the third workout yesterday, so now I'm ready for week 2, or so the programs says. I guess we will find out soon enough.

It felt really good to finally start, though. And I even experienced that famous runner's high! :) Not bad considering a few years back I couldn't even run a couple of seconds (NO KIDDING!). It feels totally doable, but I am glad I have almost finished the shred. I don't think I could have done both C25K and the shred together for an extended period of time. However, I AM going to incorporate strenght training into my workout week after I'm done shredding. Jillian has opened my eyes to how important strength training is. :)

Today was my third running session of week 1. I'll start week 2 next, and I'm kind of scared.


  1. 10 yrs ago, I may of jumped on this given I had had the mind set I have now. That Cooper test and a 12 min run. Wow.
    I see people running all the time around town and it must be the ultimate feeling of fitness. That and the girl I saw at the mall that did 6 cheerleader type flips in a row.

    Good luck in Week 2 before you know it you will be there running with the rest of the fit people.

  2. Run for 12 minutes! I'm not sure I've ever done that. Your blog name intrigues me because in real life, I am very undercover with my "dieting." Only on my blog and in my diet forum do I let it all hang out.

  3. I guess I phrased that badly... I didn't actually run the whole 12 minutes. I WISH I could do that! :) I ran as far as I could, then walked a bit, then ran again. Actually, I'll just go back and edit my post to make it all clearer.

    Ms. Scooter Butt, thanks for the good wishes! :)

    Karen, I feel the exact same way as you do, that's why I choose that name. I don't want any of my friends to know I'm dieting or how I really feel about myself. But I also thought it would be good to get my thoughts, feelings and experiences out there, so I created this blog with that alias.

  4. Good for you!! I look forward to following your progress on your C25K program. I plan to start a program as well once I get clearance from my PT that I can return to running.

  5. Good for you! Perhaps you were being a bit sarcastic calling your plan brilliant -- but I really think it is! There is no time like the present. I'm glad you seized the opportunity while you were on the treadmill and started the program. And being stubborn is a little essential when you are a runner :-)

    Can't wait to read about week 2!