Monday, July 18, 2011

One week challenge

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This week I've decided to challenge myself. I have a relatively empty week ahead of me, and my boyfriend is out of town so it will be just me and the cats. A perfect time to put in some extra effort!

My challenge for this week is to lose 1 kg (2.2 pounds). It should be doable, and it is within what is recommended for safe weightloss. I know it's going to take a lot from me (I'm not sure I've gone down that much in a single week before, except perhaps at the beginning when the weight loss always happens faster), but I think it can be done.

I know that the scale is not the best way to measure progress, it just varies too much. So I've come up with an alternative way to see if I've accomplished my goal. If I manage to have a calorie deficiency of 7000 calories this week, that's a success even if the scale doesn't agree with me. (7000 calories is roughly equal to 1 kg lost). I'll use my BodyMedia fit to see how many calories I burn and a food journal to see how much I eat.

My plan is to do this without eating less (I like my food! And also, I don't think it's a good idea to go too far down on calories. Right now I'm on 1600 calories a day and that works pretty well hunger and craving wise). Instead, I'll be moving more, doing house chores instead of watching tv. I though about walking more, but since I'm running I don't want to tire my legs too much. They need some rest, too! I'll have to check my exercise dvds for good workout ideas that do not include too much legwork. This will be the perfect time to experiment with my new hoola hoop! And I've always loved the punching part of the shred, so I'll definitely incorporate those into my regime!

EDIT: I forgot to tell you my starting weight for this challenge. Today I weighed in at 78.9 kg.
Wish me luck! :)


  1. Hi from a new follower and avid runner! And thanks for visiting my blog :) Good luck with your challenge. You're right it's doable. Congrats on starting C25K.

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  2. jillconyers, thanks! :) A blog hop sounds like fun, I'll definitely check it out!

  3. I love a weekly challenge! I do them too! I also am trying to lose a few pounds! I am doing it with my food as some of my healthy eating habits have slipped since the beginning of summer! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

  4. Sounds like a totally reasonable challenge! I just love the hula hoop. I find it incredibly difficult, so I get a lot of toe-touches in the mix :)

    I am ff bloghopping runner. I cross-train with swimming because it gives my legs a break.

    Good luck this week!

  5. Jill: YES! We CAN do it! Good luck on your challenge!

    Spunkysuzi: Thanks, I hope it will be! :)

    Renkath: Thanks for stopping by! Swimming is actually a wonderful idea, I'll have to check out how long the swimming pool is open! Have you tried a weighted hoola hoop? Those are the only ones I get to work....

  6. I like the idea of measuring success by the calorie deficit!! The scales will follow.

  7. I haven't tried a weighted one - I am doing well to keep up the one I have (it is kind of heavy, though).

    I have been using myfitnesslog to count calories and am so disappointed that - after a month, I have lost 1 pound even with consistently hitting target calories. Absurd and frustrating.

  8. I love that you are measuring this with something you can control (the calorie deficit) instead of just the scale. Smart.

  9. Hi from a new follower. This is definately doable! Let us know how it goes!

  10. Lori: Thanks, I hope this will make it easier to feel I've accomplished something.

    Renkath: I know, I just HATE it when that happens! I've been there for quite a while now, but luckily it was mainly water weight. Maybe it is for you, too?

    Karen: Thanks, hopefully it will pay off, too :)

    Stochat: Welcome, I'll definitely keep you posted! I'll go check out your site.