Monday, July 4, 2011

My July goals

I've seen a lot of bloggers setting goals, but it wasn't until I read Dawn's monthly review of her goals that I was inspired to start making my own monthly goals. I love the idea, and here's what I'm going to be focusing on this month.

1. Do a mindful meditation most days

2. Be active most days (go for a walk or play golf when on the days I'm not working out)

3. Finish the 30 day shred (only 6 workouts left of level 3!)

4. Do C25K 3 times a week

5. Buy one piece of feminine everyday clothing and actually wear it

6. Start the Beck diet solution program

7. Eat healthy most days


  1. I love you goals! Did you get my link to zen habits? What did you think?

  2. Great goals! Just found your blog - looks good!

  3. Jill, I didn't get your link... I've looked all over, where did you "put" it? The name sounds interesting, could you link to it again? :)

  4. Dawn, thank you! I'll check out your blog, too!

  5. Go you! You're almost done with 30 Day Shred! Have you tried any of her other videos? I'm a little obsessed with Jillian's workouts :-)

  6. Sarah, I'm a little obsessed with Jillian, too. :) I recently bought all her dvds that are available here in Europe. I haven't tried them yet, though, I want to finish the shred first. Which ones are your favorites?