Saturday, June 18, 2011

The art of making cake less unhealthy

Not actual office cake (I WISH!)

I learned a valuable lesson from a co-worker the other day. It was the birthday of one of my colleagues and we were celebrating with marzipan cake. Now, I HATE marzipan (one of the VERY few sweet things I don't like), but I like the main part of the cake, so I removed the marzipan top and ate the rest.

I always feel a bit silly doing this. When I noticed that one of my colleagues also left her marzipan untouched, I was a little relieved and commented "so you don't like marzipan, either, huh?". However, her reply surprised me. "I do like it", she said, "but it is just way too unhealthy so I just skipped it".

I totally love this idea! At work, we're way too often tempted with unhealthy stuff. Three cakes in two days, and then a third day full of candy and cookies! You've got to have iron will to say no to all that. And that's why I love the idea of having a little, but removing the most unhealthy part of whatever you're having. That way you can try a little of the good stuff and not feeling like the odd one out at the party, yet being in control and not getting too many calories. I'll definitely try this in the future.

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