Monday, June 27, 2011

Ups and downs

This weekend I was at a game festival and I had a lot of fun and lots of new experiences. What I didn't have lots of, though, is candy, and I'm SO proud of myself for that! I go to this festival almost every year, and foodwise I did a great job compared to other years. One year I lived almost entirely on cheez doodles (they sold supersize ones and I'm a sucker for those cheesy devils). My goal for this year was to maintain my weight throughout the weekend (I knew better than to hope for a weight loss!), and I'm happy to report that my weight today is the same as it was on Friday. :)

How did I do it? I think it came down to planning. I planned my main meals in advance and brought a chicken pasta salad with me the first day. Since I wasn't staying at home, I had to settle for the less than healthy warm food they sold. Mainly hamburger and toasts, not the most healthy things to eat. But I did bring diet bars as alternatives to smaller meals. I wish the stores would sell more dinner stuff that can be eaten cold, then I could have avoided the worst calorie traps alltogether.

Another accomplishment was that even though I was sleep deprived and tired to the bone when the festivities ended, I did manage to squeeze in a level 3 session none the less. It was HARD though, my legs felt like jelly, I had to take lots of breaks and I was totally beat afterwards. But it's the effort that counts, right? 

On the down side, even though I've been really good this last month, I'm only down 0.4 kg and that bugs me. I have a body media fit that tells me how much calories I use throughout the day, and I log all my food. For this, I've calculated that I should be down 2 kg, which is a much more respectable number.

It feels really unfair when you've put in so much hard work yet you're not rewarded. Yes, I know that I'm probably healthier now than I was a month ago. And more fit. But still, no matter how important those things are, I still want that scale to move! I yearn to see myself getting closer and closer to my dream body. Right now all my goals feel unattainable and that's never good. I can keep going a while longer on faith that things will turn around, but each week the scale refuses to budge it gets a little harder to keep going.

The worst part is that I feel like I'm doing good, so I'm not sure what to do differently. Maybe add some more cardio? I'm planning to start C25K soon, hopefully that will shake my body up from its routine. Until the scale starts to cooperate again, I'll just have to focus on the positive things I HAVE achieved. After all, the habits I'm learning now are for life, so there's no quitting!


  1. I know the feeling of the scale not matching the effort - and left the scales behind this time because they really used to upset me. Whatever the numbers say...we all know a life changing weight loss takes months and if we do the right things and keep on doing them, no slacking over a period of time the numbers will come good. It will, just keep on going. I really want to do C25K and will do some point in the future, I'm just worried I'm too big still and could injure joints. I will watch your journey with great interest

  2. You're right, at this point the scale is a demotivator! But I'm not ready to give it up just yet....

    As far as running when you're big, watch the video in my newest post and see if you change your mind. :) (I thought about just linking to it here, but more people will see it in a post). But of course, the most important thing is to listen to your body, you are the only one who knows what is right for you or not! Good luck whenever you decide to start running!