Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new mindset is slowly creeping in

Today I noticed that I have changed in the last months, and not just physically. I've been ill for a couple of days, and today I found myself thinking "I have to get well so that I can work out". Previously, I would have used my not feeling well for all it was worth, thinking it was the perfect excuse to avoid working out and maybe even to eat a little something sweet. Today, however, I completed level 3 even though I still wasn't feeling 100%. I am so proud that I'm finally building a healthier mindset! (One important note: I'm not saying that working out when you're sick is a healthy mindset! I've had a cold, and even though I'm still a little off, I'm mostly better and have no fever etc, so I'm good to work out.)

I believe there are a couple of reasons why I've been able to keep the workout habit this time:

Limited timeframe and a clear goal
The 30 day shred is meant to be done 30 times (some crazy people think that means 30 DAYS, but that's just too much for me at the moment. Also, I want to build muscle and that requires rest between workouts). Instead of the neverending "I am going to work out and get healthy and lose weight", it has a clear goal and I know that if I just tough it up a couple of more times, I'll be done with this level. 

Also, "Completing the shred" has been a crystal clear goal from the get-go. Whereas other workouts are easy to quit because after all you've worked hard for a few weeks and you deserve a break, it's much harder to quit in the middle of a set program. That makes me feel like a quitter, and I'm way too stubborn for that (at least when I have a clear and attainable goal). There was never any question about whether I'd complete the program, only how long it would take me. (it has taken me quite a while, so let's not dwell on that, okay?)

You can see the results
Another important point, is that with the shred I can see actual improvements. I do get stronger. The exercises get easier after a while. I can actually feel the results! This as opposed to spinning, which I enjoyed for a while a couple of years back. There, you can't really feel the improvements you make, because each time you do your best and you end up just as tired at the end of each session. You probably used harder resistance, but the bikes don't show the numbers so it's hard to tell. So you're exercising and exercising without actually seeing how far you've come. I haven't yet gotten around to trying level 1 again, but when I do I know I'll see a huge difference!

The way I talk, you might think I've actually completed the shred, but no. I'm only on day 2 of level 3. But I'm getting there! And really looking forward to it, and to starting couch 2 5 k, another program with limited timeframe, clear goals and where you can see the results.


  1. I've been posting about how my diet makes me feel well in a way I haven't for a long time. Its great to feel healthy isnt it. Well done on the 30 day shred...you sound really determined.
    I've come over from Blog Frog and will follow along with you from now on!
    great to have found your blog
    Love Dawn

  2. Thank you for your comment, it's my very first one! :D It IS great to feel healthier, and it was inspiring to read how you notice actual health benefits on your blog.